The Disorder

The grief that an individual often experiences following the loss of a loved is very painful. People often recover over a period of time. However, bereavement can be further complicated by depression. With some individuals it is often the failure to grieve, which can cause low mood.

The Symptoms

Some of the symptoms that an individual may experience bereavement and greif particularly if it is for prolonged periods of time include crying and sighing, headaches, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, weakness, fatigue, feelings of heaviness, aches, pains, sadness and yearning.

The Treatment

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) helps individuals to go through the stages of grief to aid in coping with the loss. During the assessment stage the session is used to gain a deeper understanding of the clients history and presenting problems.

After identifying the problems and goals the interventions used involved aiding the individual to come to terms with the reality of the loss, helping them work with the emotional pain, anger, guilt and suffering, plan a readjustment of life without the significant person, help the individual to rebuild connections and relationships with others and lastly building living memories regarding the loss.

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