The Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a condition that affects and individual’s mood resulting in episodes or periods of depression where they feel very low and lethargic or mania where they feel very high and overactive.

The Symptoms

The symptoms that an individual who suffers from Bipolar Disorder experiences would depend on the mood or episode in which they are having at that time.

During depressive episodes individuals are likely to experience overwhelming feelings of worthlessness, which can leave to suicidal ideations. Whilst during manic episodes individuals may feel very happy and excited with several ambitious ideas, they are likely to be very detached from reality. During both episodes sleeping and eating habits are likely to be changed/disrupted.

The Treatment

Some of the treatment methods within Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that are used to help individuals with Bipolar Disorder include challenging distorted / biased thoughts that lead to problematic emotions, moods and behaviours through the use of cognitive restructuring. Additionally, skills in effective problem solving are developed to help individuals both when they are in difficult situations and in general day-to-day life.

Mindfulness techniques may also be used to help the client gain further distance from the negative thinking. Clients will also learn how to accept or tolerate painful emotions and will learn skills for how to alter these emotions in the moment.

Relaxation exercises and progressive muscle relaxation may also be used to help the individual to improve their functioning and prevent future relapse.

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