The Disorder

Individuals who experience morbid jealousy often hold strong beliefs about others usually associated with a partner or spouses infidelity with little or no evidence to back up their thought processes. This often leads to the individual making repeated accusations about others and using seemingly normal or everyday situations as evidence to back up their claims.

The Symptoms

People who experience Morbid Jealousy are often very preoccupied with their thoughts, experience obsessions; repeat their thoughts to others constantly, sexual dysfunction, paranoia and difficulties forming relationships. They may also experience delusions.

Due to the nature of this disorder people who experiences this have stronger associations to stalking, violence and substance misuse.

The Treatment

The treatment for Morbid Jealousy starts with an in depth assessment. The information obtained during the assessment stage will help to formulate the treatment programme. The individual would then be provided with psycho-education about the disorder and information about risk.

The client and therapist will work on challenging the individual’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours in an attempt to alter these to a more balanced way of thinking. They will also work on identifying the causes and maintaining factors that link to the disorder.

Through the use of strategies such as role-plays the individual will learn to develop skills in effective problem solving and learn ways to manage any negative aspects of their environment.

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